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Company Affiliations

Much of what I do and how I make my music wouldn’t be possible without the help from these companies: Steinberger: I am a Gibson Artist, and am a fan of any of Ned Steinberger’s designs. Seymour Duncan: I use their pickups exclusively, and also write a blog for them. Brian Moore Custom Guitars: These … Read more


My Origins with Looping

Looping is just the repetition of small bits of sound, somehow manipulating that sound and then playing live music over the top. The original version used magnetic tape actually taped together to form a loop. These days, it is done digitally, with loopers able to record up to several hours of material. I originally got … Read more


Selected Releases

These are a handful of the releases I have appeared on. There are others, but these are the main ones. Dave Eichenberger: Collectives Sampler, Vol 2 Dave Eichenberger: Reward Your Toil Sampler Dave Eichenberger: Reward Your Toil Dave Eichenberger: Collectives Sampler, Vol 1 Dave Eichenberger: Christmas Presence Dave Eichenberger: Collectives (50 cds) Dave Eichenberger: Trust … Read more


Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new address for my website. I hope to more regularly update this one, as it may be easier for me to manage. For the time being, I will post the album covers for my Collectives project, as they are all really cool. Check em out!