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Guitar Lessons at the New Port Richey studio or Globally via video

Dave Eichenberger with the ZT-3 Steinberger

Choosing a guitar teacher is an important decision. Ask your prospective teacher if they are a working professional. Do they currently perform regularly? Write their own songs? Release their own CDs? Have they performed on the radio and TV? Will they get along with me or my child? Does he/she have only one way of working with everyone, or do they tailor their approach to the goals and personality of the individual? Do they stress creativity as well as learning 'the basics'? Google your teacher's name, so you can better judge his/her experience working as a professional musician. Dave has taught over 1000 students, with one-on-one lessons, as well as Master Classes. Dave is available in-person, as well as online. Stop putting it off and see how fun learning something new can be.

"I don't have one method that I teach to every student," states Dave. "It is my job to assess the student's goals and help him or her to achieve them using the proper techniques which will not only allow them to figure out songs on their own but also become creative musicians."

Dave's approach to teaching guitar is built upon his love of fostering creativity and improvisation, with a solid basis in technique. A Music Composition major at the William Patterson University of NJ, he has been teaching guitar at Encore for 5 years. With over 30 years of playing, performing, composing, and recording, Dave is uniquely qualified help any student meet her/his goals while gaining a deep understanding of our musical world. It is also a lot of fun.

Dave maintains his own teaching studio in downtown New Port Richey. To set up the beginning of your musical journey, contact him.


Those of us who attend Eichenberger's performances have grown to love his smooth, free-form layers of looping sound and appreciate his jazz improvisations and baroque and modern classical compositions. There's nothing to compare. Really.
- Barbara Fredricksen, St Pete Times

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