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Analog Mythology 2020 Re-release Cover

Analog Mythology Gets a Re-release!

Dave’s 2004 acoustic album gets a re-release in 2020.

Reward Your Toil

Reward Your Toil gets a re-release!

14-hour album finally gets a digital release!


New Guitar Day: Godin Steel Duet Ambiance

This is something I picked up last week and it is a very specific guitar for a very specific purpose: to sound great plugged in, and remain comfortable to play for several hours at a time. This is different from a normal acoustic, which usually sounds great to the player and the audience in a … Read more

Line 6 Variax Acoustic 700

What’s What, Indeed!

An online New Port Richey-based magazine has just started publishing here in my hometown, and they asked me to write a column as one of the creative voices in the community. You can read my article about surviving the pandemic as an artist here. A second article was published with lots of pics of me … Read more


Trust Action gets a re-release!

My 4th CD of original material will be re-released on all digital platforms on June 23, 2020. This was a fun CD to make, at a time when digital distribution online was non-existent. CDs were printed, which had a pretty extensive multimedia section (strange to find on independent CDs at the time) and sold at … Read more


New Release Day!

New Release Day! UBU: 32 Days of Balance contains a difference piece of music for every day of the month, to help start or end your day. Each piece is 15 minutes long, so you get over 8.5 hours of music for the price of 1 CD. Here are the links to the big stores, … Read more

UBU: 32 Days of Balance

The Clips I am starting this blog with sound clips, so you can listen while you read (or if you don’t care that much about the artist/process stuff). The first clip is the first several minutes from one of the pieces. The second is an edit from four different pieces. When working on a new … Read more


New Singles!

Check out the new singles from Julie Black: River of Blood Another Season of Heartbreak You can watch our TV appearance of Another Season of Heartbreak, too.


Pig Hog Cables

I’d like to officially announce that I am now a Pig Hog artist. Check out my Artist Page here: https://pighogcables.com/pages/dave-eichenberger You don’t often find products that can deliver the goods while looking great. Pig Hog Cables have replaced every cable in my studio. Even better, they are good enough to provide the vital link between … Read more


Live Recordings on FB Live

Like my Facebook page to see some live recordings of my new ambient project. This new project will be 30 15-minute pieces and then edited down to 1 hour to be downloaded on your favorite streaming service. The initial 30 pieces will be available as well, so you have a month’s worth of ambience to … Read more