New Guitar Day: Godin Steel Duet Ambiance

This is something I picked up last week and it is a very specific guitar for a very specific purpose: to sound great plugged in, and remain comfortable to play for several hours at a time. This is different from a normal acoustic, which usually sounds great to the player and the audience in a … Read more


The Current Rig (2016)

I realized I don’t have many gear pics on this new site (though the old one was filled with them). I am going to concentrate more on what I use now, although if I am asked about what I used to use, I will certainly answer. This article revolves around what I use for Julie Black as … Read more


Company Affiliations

Much of what I do and how I make my music wouldn’t be possible without the help from these companies: Steinberger: I am a Gibson Artist, and am a fan of any of Ned Steinberger’s designs. Seymour Duncan: I use their pickups exclusively, and also write a blog for them. Brian Moore Custom Guitars: These … Read more